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CSE introduces a new INDEX “CSE SME INDEX”

CSE introduces a new INDEX “CSE SME INDEX”

September 29, 2021:

CSE in addition to its existing 05 (five) major Indices and 18 Sectoral Indices, has introduced a new Index for its Small Capital Platform namely “CSE SME INDEX”-which is going to be live on October 03, 2021, taking the price of the first trading day of the new 5 (five) companies on September 30, 2021 with 01 (one) existing company in Small Capital Market. It is mentionable here that CSE has already inaugurated its Small Capital Platform through debut trading of Nialco Alloys Limited on June 10, 2021. This index will be free-float based Index. Starting date of the SME Index will be October 03, 2021 with base index of 1000.

The short name of the Index will be “CSESMEX”. Once introduction of CSESMEX, new issues will be added as per regular index practices. The CSE Index Advisory Committee will review the index – its criteria, performance and calculation method after every six months.

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