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Chittagong Stock Exchange was the first stock exchange in the country to introduce automated trading system on June 1998. The trading system at CSE was known as CHITTRA at that time. It connected major cities of Bangladesh enabling all members to trade nation wide simultaneously with ease and efficiency. CHITTRA provided a screen based, quote-driven trading facility. Investors were allowed to quote an expected price in their buy/sell orders. The algorithm is based on "time-price" priority.

Millennium Exchange and goTX Systems

On October 20, 2011 Chittagong Stock Exchange launched its much awaited Next Generation Trading System (NGTS). Through NGTS project CSE introduced a very powerful matching engine capable of handling 2500 orders/sec, 1000000 orders/day. The system is highly scalable and can scale up to even higher order and contract rates. CSE integrated the products "Millennium Exchange" from Millennium IT ( a member of the London Stock Exchange group) and "goTX" from Polaris Lab to introduce a powerful real time online trading platform.

MIT solution supports multiple asset class, multiple market structure and comprehensive range of order types. Multiple trading methods and trading across multiple order books are also supported. Other features include unrestricted trading or controlled trading (price bands, circuit breakers etc) Flexible order book prioritization schemes (price-time, price-capacity-time, size-time etc), Off-book trades, Real-time publication of order book and time and sales information, Comprehensive range of statistics (high/low, VWAP, volume, indicative auction price etc), Flexible user permission schemes, Comprehensive market operations functionality (manage orders, cancel trades, halt/resume trading, extend/shorten sessions, suspend participants, manage static data etc), FIX and FAST based interfaces for order submission, trade reporting, drop copies and market data are some other major features of MIT solutions.

Millennium Exchange is a Distributed, Message based, Software fault tolerant system. It runs on user defined trading rules, User defined roles for traders. SUSE Enterprise Linux is the Operating System and Oracle is the Database.

Millennium Surveillance Module supports Real time and offline analysis and pattern configuration. It can generate Effortless market replay, Comprehensive case management. It has Powerful reporting capabilities, Enhanced relationship detection, Flexible and powerful charting and Compliance capability.

Risk Management System

Risk Management System (RMS): Provides Facility for the Members to Manage the Investors Stocks, Cash, Margins and Risk parameters, Supports Collateral margins, Stocks Margins, Receivable Margins etc. The solution also supports many risk products like Intraday/Delivery, Short Sell etc. It Supports Auto Square off functions and Risk Square off functions. There are Mark to Market Alerts, Cash Alerts, Margin alerts and Stock Alerts. Real time Monitoring of Mark to Market and Margin Blocking & Square off Support is included in the solution.