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Rules & Regulations

BSEC Directives, Order

SL. Title Category Date File
1 বাংলাদেশ সিকিউরিটিজ অ্যান্ড এক্সচেঞ্জ কমিশন (সুবিধাভোগী ব্যবসা নিষিদ্ধকরণ) বিধিমালা, ২০২২ Related to Market 15 February, 2023 view
2 Order on standard downward price change limit (circuit breaker) Related to Market 08 March, 2022 view
3 BSEC Notification on OTC Market Related to Market 16 September, 2021 view
4 Notification regarding shifting/migration of the companies to SME/ATB Platform or Exit from OTC market . Related to Market 16 September, 2021 view
5 Temporary relaxations for all Listed Companies Related to Listed Companies 22 April, 2021 view
6 BSEC directive on opening digital booth of the stock broker Related to Market 13 December, 2020 view
7 Restriction on using name and logo of BSEC, DSE or CSE in social media Related to Market 02 September, 2020 view
8 Order with regard to Related to Market 01 September, 2020 view
9 Condition on the issuer company under Related to Market 01 September, 2020 view
10 Conducting AGM/EGM/BOD Related to Listed Companies 08 July, 2020 view
11 Order relating to submission of shareholding position, other reports/information and establishment of digital platform at the stock Exchanges for integrated on-line data gathering and dissemination. Related to Listed Companies 22 June, 2020 view
12 Conducting AGM/ EGM/BOD at any digital platform and temporary relaxations regarding compliance with the provisions of Listing Regulations or other securities laws.(Repealed) Related to Listed Companies 24 March, 2020 view
13 Order regarding share price movement in the stock exchange trading Related to Market 15 November, 2019 view
14 BSEC's Directive regarding Khulna Power Company Limited Related to Market 27 November, 2018 view
15 BSEC's Order regarding extention of tenure of Close-end Mutual Fund Related to Market 02 October, 2018 view
16 Gazette Corporate Governance Code Related to Listed Companies 03 June, 2018 view
17 Notification regarding lock-in for IPO shares Related to Market 12 March, 2018 view
18 Directive regarding joint-holding of minimum 30% shares by sponsors/promoters and directors. Related to Listed Companies 11 March, 2018 view
19 BSEC Directive of Book Building Method Related to Market 20 February, 2018 view

All the Directives of Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission are available here.