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  Monday, 16 Sep '19
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2019-09-16: Today's Trade

CSE NEWS: Today's (16 September 2019) Total Trades: 5,515, Volume: 5,352,567 and Turnover: Tk. 335.25 million.

2019-09-16: Cont-Auditor's Opinion

DOREENPWR(end):Bangladesh Independent Power Producers Association (BIPPA) has made an application to the Ministry of Labour and Employment (''the Ministry'') for exemption from the implementation of the required provision of WPPF on 13 March 2017. Hence, the management has decided not to provide any provision for WPPF since 31 March 2017. This is also supported by opinion obtained by the management from external legal counsel. Our opinion is not modified in respect of this matter.''(end)

2019-09-16: Auditor's Opinion

DOREENPWR: The auditor of Doreen Power Generations and Systems Ltd. has given the following Emphasis of Matter in the audit report of the Company for the year ended on 30 June 2019: ''Emphasis of Matter: We draw attention to the accompanying note -3.8 to the financial statements where the management describes that Workers' Profit Participation Fund (WPPF) provision is not required according to Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 (amended in 2013) on the ground that(cont)

2019-09-16: Transfer Confirmation

RUPALILIFE: Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman, one of the Sponsor Directors of Rupali Life Insurance Company Ltd., has further reported that he has completed his transfer of 4,00,000 shares to his son Mr. Mahem Rahman Zim, by way of gift outside the trading system of the Exchange, as per declaration disseminated on 11.09.2019.

2019-09-16: Sale Intention

NCCBANK: Mr. Mohammed Nurussafa Mazumder (Babu), one of the Sponsors of NCC Bank Ltd., has reported his intention to sell 2,00,000 shares out of his total holding of 9,76,000 shares of the Company at prevailing market price (In the Public Market) through Stock Exchange (DSE) within next 30 working days.

2019-09-16: Query Response

KPPL: In response to a DSE query dated September 16, 2019, Khulna Printing & Packaging Limited has informed that there is no undisclosed price sensitive information of the Company for recent unusual price hike and increase in volume of shares.

2019-09-16: Sale Intention

SEMLFBSLGF: FBL Securities Ltd., one of the Corporate Sponsors of SEML FBLSL Growth Fund., has reported its intention to sell 20,00,000 units out of its total holding of 3,25,00,000 units of the Fund at prevailing market price (In the Public Market) through Stock Exchange (DSE) within next 30 working days.

2019-09-16: Postponed 26th AGM

FIRSTFIN: With Reference to their earlier news disseminated by CSE on 30.06.2019 regarding Dividend Declaration for 2018 and holding of AGMs, First Finance Ltd. has further informed that they have not yet received permission from Honorable High Court after having filed a prayer for holding 26th AGM. The Company has further informed that they will declare the Date, Time and Venue of the 26th AGM after receiving permission from Honorable High Court. Record date and other information of the AGM will remain unchanged.

2019-09-16: Buy Confirmation

GREENDELT: Mrs. Khurshida Chowdhury, one of the Directors of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited, has further reported that she has completed her buy of 55,000 shares of the Company at prevailing market price through Stock Exchange as per declaration disseminated on 12.09.2019.

2019-09-16: Credit Rating

ENVOYTEX: Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB) has announced the entity rating (surveillance) of Envoy Textiles Limited as ''AA1'' along with a stable outlook based on audited financial statements up to June 30, 2018, unaudited financial statements up to March 31, 2019, business data and bank liability position as on June 30, 2019 and other relevant quantitative as well as qualitative information up to the date of rating declaration.

2019-09-16: Board Meeting

PENINSULA: The Peninsula Chittagong Limited has informed that the Board Meeting of the Company will be held on September 25, 2019 at 3:30 PM to consider, among others, audited financial statements of the Company for the year ended on June 30, 2019.

2019-09-16: Board Meeting

SUMITPOWER: Summit Power Limited has informed that the Board Meeting of the Company will be held on September 22, 2019 at 3:00 PM to consider, among others, audited financial statements of the Company for the year ended on June 30, 2019.

2019-09-16: Spot Trade Continuing Today (16.09.2019)

SPOT TRADE: Please find SPOT Trade is continuing today on the trading of the shares of KAY&QUE, AZIZPIPES, MONNOCERA & RSRMSTEEL.

2019-09-16: Investor Awareness

BSEC's Message (Repeat): 1) It is not wise to invest in the capital market without having proper information, detail knowledge and experience regarding different aspects and nitty-gritty of the capital market. 2) It is to be kept in mind that the profit or loss whatever you make from investment is belong to you only. Therefore, prudent investment decision based on knowledge and fundamentals can be your real assistance. 3) Don't pay heed to rumors at the time of buying and selling of shares. Buying and selling of shares based on rumor can be harmful. Even spreading of rumor is legally prohibited. (BSEC vide its letter no. SEC/SRMIC/2010/726 dated 23 November 2010).

2019-09-16: Continue- Important news

BSEC (continue) (Repeat): In this situation, in the greater and long term interest of the growing capital market and investors, all related to Stock Exchange and market intermediaries i.e. stock broker/dealer, asset manager, merchant banker, issuer company including their officials are requested to abstain from giving opinion/comment on investment which may create enthusiasm or confusion among the investors. (end)

2019-09-16: Important news

BSEC (Repeat): It is observed that in the context of the present condition of the capital market, many small and new investors are involved which is undoubtedly encouraging. But it is a matter of concern that a portion of these investors without having proper, timely and detail knowledge and reviewing/analyzing the information of the different aspects of the capital market are being attracted in investing on the basis of rumor, hearsay and different comments from different quarters, which may make their hard earned capital risky, as a result, it will not only hamper the confidence of these investors but may also create hindrance of the continuity and firm growth of the capital market. (continue)

2019-09-16: CSE NEWS

Message: All investors are requested to make their investment decision on the basis of financial strength of the companies not on the basis of rumor.

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