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Alternative Trading Board (ATB)


The Chittagong Stock Exchange PLC (CSE), the first automated bourse in Bangladesh, has been reflecting remarkable footsteps in capital market since its inception in 1995. In its long expedition, CSE harbingers in making milestones in capital market with a mission to establish an effective, efficient and transparent market atmosphere of international standard for investment in Bangladesh. CSE facilitates the competent entrepreneurs to raise funds and accelerate industrial growth for overall benefit of the economy. CSE is the pioneer in launching fully automated real time online trading system on wide area network connecting multiple cities of the country. As a process of continuous development, CSE is expecting to introduce more product lines and service facilities like trading of SME platform, Islamic investment window, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), Commodity Derivatives Market etc. to its existing basket for robust development of the capital market. CSE trading platform supports multi asset class and multi-channel trading facilities by which investors can trade from any place locally or globally in different instruments of multiple segments of capital market.

As part of its relentless quest for development, CSE is launching Alternative Trading Board or ATB as a separate market for trading unlisted or de-listed securities or units which are not listed with the main board. CSE will facilitate a formal channel for transfer of ownership that will reflect in a flexible and liquid market for unlisted securities and investment. As a custodian of capital flow, CSE will develop a global and instantaneous network for trading besides the main board. ATB listed entities will gain the similar image, branding and acceptance as a listed entity with balanced maintenance of regulatory requirements. By being listed with ATB, an entity will be part of vast support network of professionals of capital market. It will also act as a long-term motivator for the employees of ATB listed entity. With small legal fees compared to the conventional process and no minimum paid up capital restrictions, CSE will provide secured network for purchase and sale of unlisted securities. Listing with ATB board will allow revealing the fair valuation of an entity which will take a step ahead in drafting future financial strategy of ATB listed entity. CSE ATB platform will provide liquidity, visibility, credibility and marketability with an access to a global diverse pool of capital and investors. Through the inauguration of ATB board, CSE expects to contribute towards tangible and meaningful progress in real economy of Bangladesh.

What is ATB

Alternative Trading Board or ATB is a separate trading platform for trading of unlisted, de-listed equity and debt securities, units of open-end mutual fund and alternative investment funds registered under the securities and exchange commission.

ATB provides a secured and formal channel for transfer of ownership only for investment or disinvestment purpose not for day trading or raising capital.

Why Choose ATB

The firms or companies that are not ready to raise capital from the public, that want to transfer the ownership or get de-listed from the exchange, their sponsors, directors, or private equity investors would find a way of easy exit to enjoy a liquid market through the ATB platform. On the contrary, this platform will offer the way of easy entry to investors with similar sophisticated profile.

The Chittagong Stock Exchange PLC is offering the ATB platform which is a secondary market place of buying or selling shares of unlisted or delisted companies, bonds, and collective investment fund units privately.

Which Securities can be listed in ATB


*De-listed securities= security listed and subsequently de-listed with the exchange for any reason whatsoever
*ABS=Asset Backed Securities, ISBS= Islamic Shari'ah based securities