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The investors have equal and prompt access to company’s price-sensitive information. Listed companies are required to file full, accurate and timely information disclosures to the investors.

This will guarantee fair and orderly trading at the Exchange. CSE monitor whether the listed company notify timely and orderly the news of any notice of the Meeting and entitlement, or any decision related to the shareholders immediately.

Essential information, which may affect the stock prices, investment decisions, or investor interests, must be disclosed within a specific period, according to the table below:

A price sensitive information to the Exchange

Within 30 minutes of the completion of the Board Meeting
A report of every sponsor or director of a listed Before 30 working days of
company disclosing his intention to buy or his expressing such
sell or otherwise dispose of securities in the company. intention
The audited financial statement requires to be submitted Within 134 days from the date on which the financial years ends
Half Yearly Financial Statement shall be transmitted Within one month of close of the first half-year


The Exchange disseminates the information through their respective trading terminals immediately after receiving thereof from the listed company.
Some information also requires to be disseminated through the newspapers by the issuers for its shareholders after sending the news to the Exchange or the BSEC.