Market Status: CP Trading
  Sunday, 14 Jul '24
   14:24:11 (BST)



The trade takes place from Sunday to Thursday except holidays declared in advance by the Exchange. The market timings of normal trading session are:

Trading Session Trading Time
OP Publication 09:55 - 09:59:59
Trading 10:00 - 14:19:59
Closing 14:20 - 14:21:59
Close Price Trading 14:22 - 14:29:59
Closed 14:30 - 09:54:59

The system will also have sessions for Spot and Auction sessions. These sessions however may take place simultaneously with the normal trading sessions or in a separate session after closing of normal trading session.


Computation of opening price of scrips:
The opening price of a security shall be the price at which maximum number of securities is matched in opening session.

Computation of closing price of scrips:
The Closing prices of scrips are computed on the basis of weighted average price of all trades in the last 30 minutes of the continuous trading session. However, if there is no trade during the last 30 minutes, the weighted average price of maximum 50 (fifty) number of trades preceding the above 30(thirty) minutes shall be taken for determination of closing price. In case there is no trade in the security during the continuous trading session the opening price of the security shall be treated as the closing price.